Coles has two great credit cards. Apply today for the card that suits you

Find out about all the great features, benefits and rewards of Coles Credit Cards, and choose between a No Annual Fee or a Rewards credit card.  Whether you’re after a no annual fee card or our rewards card that provides the fastest way to earn flybuys points, there’s a Coles MasterCard to suit you. Compare now.

Important information if you already have a Coles MasterCard

Why choose us?

  • Instant $10 off your Coles Supermarket spend1.
  • Superior security and fraud protection.
  • Up to 62 days interest free on purchases2.

Discover the right Coles MasterCard to suit you

No Annual Fee MasterCard

If you’re looking for a credit card with no annual fee that still rewards you on everyday spend, then Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard may be for you.

Rewards MasterCard

If you’re looking for an award-winning4 credit card that lets you maximise rewards, then a Coles Rewards MasterCard may suit you. Apply now and watch your flybuys points quickly stack up.

Get $50 Off a single Coles Supermarket shop if you apply and are approved.3

Get $10 off your Coles Supermarket shop, instantly at the till, every time you redeem 2,000 flybuys points.1

Choose the right card to suit you

Visit our card comparison page to compare features and see which Coles MasterCard suits you best.

Coles MasterCard flybuys rewards calculator

See how quickly you can earn points on your everyday spend with our flybuys rewards calculator.